Ufficio città di Firenze

Obligatory urgent conservation work

The procedure by which the Ministry obliges the proprietor, owner or holder of cultural assets to carry out conservation work is activated when it is necessary to implement urgent measures for the conservation of a protected cultural asset (articles 32- 34 of the Code). More specifically, article 33 lays down the procedures for the execution of obligatory conservation work. On the basis of a technical report, the Superintendency requests the the proprietor, owner or holder of a protected historic or artistic asset, to present a restoration project for authorisation and to bear the costs of the same. The proprietor may submit his/her observations within 30 days, after which the Ministry is entitled to proceed to direct execution of the works, charging the costs to the proprietor, owner or holder. In the cases in which the asset is of particular importance or is granted in use and/or for the enjoyment of the public, it is envisaged that the Ministry shall contribute to the costs of the work, in whole or in part. The proprietors, owners or holders of cultural assets may request a State grant for the restoration operations carried out.