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Opening of nine rooms in the New Uffizi

The red rooms dedicated to the Cinquecento

The Uffizi GalleryThe new rooms visible to the public from 19-6-2012

The Uffizi Gallery is expanding: from Tuesday 19 June 2012 nine exhibition rooms situated on the first floor of Vasari's building will be officially opened to the public. Adhering to the commitment undertaken at the time of the presentation of the Rooms devoted to Foreign Painters on 17 December 2011 last, another important series of rooms is now being opened, restored by the Architectural Heritage Commission within the framework of the New Uffizi project, with display layout curated by the Polo Museale Fiorentino.

The first two rooms, adjacent to Loggia dei Lanzi (one displaying Hellenistic marbles and the other three monochromes by Andrea del Sarto), at once represent the cultural link and anticipate the painting of the 'modern manner' embodied in the works displayed in the series of seven rooms that follows. These include paintings by Andrea del Sarto, Rosso Fiorentino, Pontormo, Bronzino and Raphael. In addition to these seven rooms are two others frescoed by Luigi Ademollo, the layout of which will be finalised in the near future.

After the deep blue of the rooms devoted to the foreigners, and with a view to respecting Vasari's two- tone colour scheme – the grey of the pietra serena and the white of the walls – for these new rooms devoted to the Florentine sixteenth century the colour chosen to visually characterise the itinerary, and the panels concealing part of the service plants, is the crimson of Medici memory.

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